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Andrea and Jane, owners of Love Prints, now have a little craft café in Cheadle, Stockport, called Create It. Visit our Facebook pages for more info -
Love Prints create personalised silver jewellery and accessories, bearing the unique impression of a loved one’s fingerprint, hand or foot print, drawing, writing or paw print. Bespoke and handcrafted, each piece is as individual as the impression it bears.

Love Prints make the perfect keepsake or gift. Capture your little one's prints before they grow so big... Create a romantic wedding gift bearing the wedding ring fingerprints of the betrothed... Cherish a precious memento, touched by someone you love, close to home or far away...

hflghrtresize.jpg NEW  Love Prints have recently introduced a new range, Dinky Digits, which captures your little one's hand and footprint impressions, miniaturised in solid silver. We can do this using an exisiting image or you can order an 'inkless print-taking kit' from us.
paw_print.jpgThe Love Prints range also includes Dinky Doodles, a fantastic way to treasure your childs early drawings or handwriting in solid silver. And after many requests, Love Prints are now able to capture your pet's paw prints in the same way, with our range of PETite Print charms and accessories.
***LOVE PRINTS gift vouchers are very popular, allowing the recipient can choose their ideal LOVE PRINTS***
‘At Love Prints we are passionate about creating beautiful silver jewellery, which captures precious memories to treasure’ Andrea and Jane,Co-Owners, Love Prints


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